CE.SDK v1.14 Release Notes

Experience faster thumbnails for video, enhanced placeholders, macOS support, and more!

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CE.SDK v1.14 Release Notes

Since our last release, we've been hard at work developing new features and improvements to enhance your creative editing experience. We are excited to announce that CE.SDK v1.14 is now available!

With this release, you can:

Generate Thumbnails Fast for Smooth Performance

Interfaces: Engine
Platforms: All

We have made significant enhancements to the way video thumbnails are generated, resulting in a smoother and more efficient workflow. Our intelligent engine now renders thumbnails seamlessly across multiple frames, ensuring there are no delays or interruptions while you work. Instead of slow JPEG compression, we have implemented a faster method using raw pixel buffers that maintain high-quality results.

If you're using web applications, the thumbnail width adapts to fit your screen, providing a seamless and enjoyable user experience. Additionally, our dynamic thumbnail generation adjusts based on the size of your clips and zoom level, optimizing resources and improving overall performance.

Enhance Templating with Improved Placeholders

Interfaces: Engine, Editor
Platforms: All

Introducing an enhanced placeholder behavior for text and image content, allowing for seamless editing and replacement. With the new PlaceholderBehavior concept, you can define whether a block should initially look and behave as a placeholder or allow editing/replacement. This feature provides a smooth editing experience for users and offers flexibility for template designers to differentiate between placeholder and desired content.

Bring Creative Editing to Your macOS App

Bring creative editing to your macOS app with CE.SDK.

We're excited to announce the addition of macOS platform support to our lineup. Extend your application's reach to macOS users and provide a seamless editing experience across different platforms. Get started, and initialize our engine in your macOS app with our documentation.

Expand Editing Capabilities: macOS & Catalyst Binding

Initialize CE.SDK's engine in your iOS app, and bring creative editing to your users.

With this new feature, we provide a comprehensive solution for developers looking to enhance their iOS applications with our CE.SDK’s editing capabilities. Learn how to initialize our creative engine in your iOS app in our documentation.

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