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CE.SDK v1.12 Release

Effortlessly auto-resize designs, enhance readability, achieve perfect alignment, and more! With CE.SDK v1.12.

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CE.SDK v1.12 Release

In our last release, we introduced exciting features such as cutout stickers and shapes, letter case options, effortless layouting, and more.
Now, get ready for CE.SDK v1.12, packed with more features and essential fixes to enhance your creative editing experience. Let's explore what's included:

Auto-Resize Designs

Interfaces: Advanced UI, API
Platforms: All
Easily auto-resize or adapt your designs to different page sizes without the need for separate templates. Our intelligent solution adjusts the elements of your design while preserving full-size elements and optimizing image fill modes. This time-saving feature empowers you to reuse templates with ease, ensuring consistent and professional results. Whether it's creating graphics for social media, presentations, or printed materials, our auto-resize feature simplifies the process.
Learn more in our documentation.

Enhance Readability with Paragraphs

Interfaces: Default UI, Advanced UI, API
Platforms: All
Achieve better text readability and design aesthetics by modifying the spacing between paragraphs. This feature seamlessly integrates with our advanced text styling options, providing a comprehensive toolkit for creating visually stunning text-centric products, such as postcards and more. Learn more about paragraph spacing in our documentation.

Avoid Cut Off Text

Interfaces: Default UI, Advanced UI, API
Platforms: All
We've made a significant improvement related to text clipping that ensures the top of the text is no longer cut off. This enhancement greatly improves the visual presentation and communication of your content, providing a seamless user experience.

Achieve Perfect Design Alignment

Move and snap elements for easy alignment.

Interfaces: Default UI, Advanced UI, Touch UI
Platforms: All
We've addressed the problem of snapping to the wrong elements, ensuring a more accurate and reliable snapping experience. Precise alignment is crucial in design, and our continuous improvement efforts will further enhance snapping capabilities in future updates. Enjoy a seamless and frustration-free design process with our enhanced snapping precision.

Take Control of Text Editing with Precision

Retrieve the cursor range, and precisely insert content exactly where you need it.

Interfaces: API
Platforms: All
getTextCursorRange empowers you to access the current cursor range within the text editor. This feature opens up a world of possibilities, whether you're building a custom user interface or implementing text-related automation. You can:

  • Query the text cursor offset and the current selected text range.
  • Automate text generation and insertion with precision.
  • Seamlessly integrate this functionality into your workflow and unlock new possibilities for your text-centric projects.

Say goodbye to guesswork and welcome a more accurate and efficient text editing experience. Retrieve the current cursor range effortlessly, and precisely insert content exactly where you need it. Learn more in our documentation.

Manage Templates from Multiple Sources

Effortlessly browse and query a vast database of templates.

Interfaces: API
Platforms: All
Introducing an improved template configuration feature that allows you to define asset sources for templates. Now, you can effortlessly browse and query a vast database of templates, opening up a world of possibilities for your projects.

By aligning the template configuration process with the existing asset management workflow, we've streamlined the experience, saving you time and effort. Moreover, you have the flexibility to define remote asset sources directly from databases, expanding your template options even further.

Enjoy a more streamlined workflow with CE.SDK v1.12, enhanced visual presentation, and the freedom to customize your designs with ease.
Get started for free and bring creativity to your users!

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