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CE.SDK v1.10 Release

Elevate your app development game with Android Platform Support, and discover more updates with CE.SDK v.1.10.

3 min read
CE.SDK v1.10 Release

We are pleased to announce the latest release of CE.SDK v1.10 and excited to share the newest features and updates with you. For those not yet familiar with our engine, CreativeEditor SDK is a powerful design editor that enables customizable workflows and automations for brands, agencies, and printers, all with just a few lines of code. In this release, we have introduced several new features and updates that are set to elevate the functionality and usability of the SDK, including:

  • Android Platform Support, making native Android application development seamless
  • Library Improvements, including Create, Update & Delete for Asset Libraries and Asset Libraries Generalization
  • Zoom Improvements, providing greater precision and accuracy when zooming to 100% and fitting specific pages
  • Arrange API, simplifying the visual order of items and providing common arrange methods for easier use

Android Platform Support

Our last release included iOS Native Support. So now we are thrilled to share that CE.SDK has expanded its capabilities to include full support for developing native Android applications. With this latest feature, you can seamlessly integrate the power and versatility of CE.SDK into your Android app development projects, enhancing the user experience and boosting customer engagement. Our team has worked tirelessly to make it incredibly easy for you to get started, with full Kotlin API support and plenty of integration examples to help you hit the ground running.

In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, cross-platform app development has become essential for businesses to stay competitive. By leveraging CE.SDK's cross-platform capabilities, you can develop and deploy apps across multiple platforms with ease, saving time and resources. This not only increases your reach, but it also allows you to provide a consistent experience to your customers, regardless of their device of choice.

Whether you're a seasoned developer or new to the game, our Get Started Guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to begin your Android app development journey with CE.SDK.

Library Improvements

Stay organized: You can create, upload, and delete your uploaded media.

Create, Update and Delete for Asset Libraries

To streamline your workflow and save valuable time, we've added a much-requested feature that allows you to delete uploaded images directly from inside the asset libraries, giving you greater control and flexibility over your content.

We have updated our engine so that uploaded assets are no longer automatically tied to scenes.

Asset Libraries Generalization

We have migrated all our internal and external asset handling to be based on asset sources, eliminating the need to maintain different paths for adding and displaying assets. All visible assets are now queried from asset sources, which can be modified by adding or removing assets from a source. Additionally, we have introduced convenient helpers to create IMG.LY's default asset sources, which contain assets that you can use to jumpstart your integration.

Zoom Improvements

Zooming has always been an integral part of editing, and our latest release makes it even more versatile and precise. With our new zoom feature, users can now zoom to fit specific pages, providing greater control and accuracy when editing complex designs. Additionally, zooming to 100% will now automatically adjust the zoom level to match the accurate export pixel size. This means that the size of pages on the screen will match exactly the size of the printed product, ensuring a seamless transition from editing to the final product. With this latest enhancement, CE.SDK is committed to providing businesses, agencies, and printers with a comprehensive and intuitive design editor.

Arrange API

We are introducing enhanced functionality for controlling the visual order of items within blocks. Previously, this could only be achieved by manually rearranging the order of the children of a block. With our latest release, we've extended the API with new convenience methods that provide common arrange methods for easier use.

Thanks for reading! Get a sneak peek at our exciting upcoming features and request your own by checking out our Roadmap. We're committed to aligning with your needs and providing pristine user experiences. Sign up for our Newsletter to receive our latest news straight to your inbox.

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