CE.SDK v1.9.0 Release

Get ready to take your creative applications to the next level! This release is packed with exciting new features like video support for web, and more.

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CE.SDK v1.9.0 Release

We are happy to shine light on more new features since our CE.SDK v1.8.0 Release. To build powerful features for your application, we are excited to hear your feedback and suggestions. Our Product Roadmap is the best place to make your case and be the first one to know of future releases.

CE.SDK v1.9.0 is out now, and it includes:

  • Video Support for Web
    • Video Timelines
    • Web Audio Support
  • Native iOS Platform Support
    • Swift Package
    • Common Touch Gesture Support
    • Apparel UI Showcase
  • Spot and Named Colors
  • More Showcases

Video Support for Web

Apply video fills and blocks to your scene!

We now support adding and editing videos in your web browser. You can apply video fills, add blocks to the scene, and combine any other block to create videos and stories with CE.SDK. For now this feature is only supported in Chromium based browsers.

Video Timelines

Add, trim and edit your videos in a browser with CE.SDK.

Video Timelines and Trimming is coming to our Studio and Design UIs. This adds complete client-side video editing in the browser to our User Interfaces.

Web Audio Support

Make it pop! Add your audio to a video.

In addition to video support, we also introduce a new block type for audio. You can use audio blocks to add audio files in MP3 and M4a formats to your scene. Like design blocks, you can add and modify them via the Block APIs and attach them to a scene. Note that audio blocks have no visual representation on the canvas, but only in the timeline.

We dedicate our first implementation to the web. However, native mobile implementations will follow soon.

Native iOS Support

With this feature, we support developing native iOS applications with our SDK. It comes with full Swift API support and many integration examples.

Additionally, CE.SDK v1.9.0 comes with Common Touch Gesture to improve the editing experience on touchpads and mobile devices. That includes gestures like pinch, spread, drag, rotate, tap, and double tap.

Spot and Named Colors

Get print-ready with spot and named colors.

With this release we are extending our support for print use cases by adding spot colors which enable the use of custom color mixes in the printing process. Consult the guides on creating spot colors for more information.

More Showcases

Explore our showcase site for creative tools perfect for your application.

To explore CE.SDK capabilities firsthand, and to look into cases that might be comparable to yours, we provide more showcases on our website.

Easily build a

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