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The IMG.LY Photo Roll

On giving back to the community

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The IMG.LY Photo Roll

After today, we at IMG.LY are going to divert some of our energy to a new endeavour, the Photo Roll. We feel deeply rooted in the open-source movement and we know that the internet and most of the tools that we use today wouldn’t be nearly the same if it wasn’t for the awesome and creative work of countless people that shared their assets for free. Still today we heavily rely on open-source technology and creative work to give us guidance and inspire us to create new and unseen things.

Working on our product PhotoEditor SDK for the last two years gave us a lot of useful and valuable insights about photography and the various possibilities to create exceptional visual content. As some of us are enthusiastic photographers, it only seems logical to join the community of photographers and creative folks that enrich the internet with extraordinary and free content every single day. Since we have always gratefully used the work of other people, we would like to give something back to the community. Therefore, we are going to start sharing pictures we took around the globe via our Unsplash and Instagram account. Please feel free to download, use, modify and share them at your will. The photos that we’re going to post over the following weeks and months will also be available in our photo roll that ships with the PhotoEditor SDK.

We certainly hope that you’re going to make use of them. And we’d be happy to hear from you what you created with our pictures, and we’d love to see them in a new guise. After all, their real value only shows if someone is inspired by and can get creative with them.

Thanks to all the people that contribute to our initiative: Malte Baumann, Tommi Gutscher, Niklas Priddat, Cem Selcuk and Eray Basar. Below we have already compiled a few pictures that we are going to post over the next few days. Stay tuned.

Your friends at IMG.LY

Photo by Malte Baumann
Photo by Niklas Priddat
Photo by Eray Basar
Photo by Malte Baumann
Photo by Cem Selcuk
Photo by Eray Basar

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