Make it pop - introducing Animated and Smart Stickers

Stickers have become an essential part of digital expression and a popular feature across use cases, from marketing campaigns and social media posts to annotation. We are happy to announce our newest feature.

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Make it pop - introducing Animated and Smart Stickers

Our latest release: brand-new sticker types for iOS and Android

We are always on the lookout to improve our editor tools to engage users to be creative and add beautifully designed content.

Our latest release for both mobile PhotoEditor SDK and VideoEditor SDK takes our stickers to the next level: With animated and smart stickers, we added popular features best known from apps like Instagram and TikTok – making editing more dynamic, expressive, and engaging. You can now capture your favorite moments by adding more context to your photos and videos. Maybe you finally landed that kickflip on a warm Monday morning, so you add the date and weather information. You can now also add your animated logo.  

Our animated stickers not only provide you with a set of premade assets that come with the latest version of the editor but also let you integrate your custom ones tailored to your company and brand.

Smart Stickers on the other hand open up a whole range of new possibilities, visualizing dynamic information like weather data, location, or dates. Like our text design feature, it’s the ease of use that makes these stickers special – simply cycle through different variations with a tap.

Take a look at all updates and assets on our Mobile SDK page.

Check it out!

PS: Do you have feedback or suggestions for new smart stickers you want to see from us? Let us know in our Quick-Survey. We're happy to hear from you!