CE.SDK v1.8.0 Release

This release includes Node.js Platform Support, enhanced image control, and more!

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CE.SDK v1.8.0 Release

Since our CE.SDK v1.7.0 Release, we implemented more highly requested features. Today, we shine light on them. As always, we are excited to hear your feedback and suggestions to build powerful features for your application. Our Product Roadmap is the best place to make your case and be the first one to know of future releases.

CE.SDK v1.8.0

This release includes:

  • Node.js Platform Support
  • Common Touch Gesture Support for iOS
  • Emoji Support 🥳
  • Image Straightening in Advanced & Default UI
  • Multi Selection Rotation
  • Outlook

Node.js Platform Support

Since the release of our Node Package, you can run a headless version of CE.SDK on the server. Now with this release, you have the full power of our Creative Engine at your fingertips, enabling you to programmatically generate images on the server or command line, render scenes created with the web SDK, and implement any creative automation workflow.

Common Touch Gesture Support for iOS

We know that a mobile presence and functionality is crucial for your application. If users find it difficult to complete a task or are frustrated by poor usability, they could quickly bid adieu to your app and ditch your hard work for a competitor. So with this update, we add common touch gesture to improve the editing experience on touchpads and mobile devices. This includes gestures like pinching, spreading, dragging, rotating, tap and double tapping.

Emoji Support

Sometimes, a party face says more than a thousand words 🥳: Emojis have become an essential part of modern communication and are omnipresent, especially on mobile platforms, but on desktop as well. We added Emoji rendering support for more fun edits and colorful messaging.

Image Straightening in Advanced & Default UI

While cropping your image, you can now also straighten, flip and rotate it! This feature gives you full control over your image in one place – available in both Advanced and Default User Interfaces.

Multi Selection Rotation

For an accelerated design and editing process, the engine and user interface now allow rotating several blocks at once. To multi-rotate, simply hold your Shift key while selecting the blocks you would like to move simultaneously.


Native iOS Platform Support: With this feature, we will add support for developing native iOS applications with the SDK. It will come with full Swift API support and many integration examples.

Video for Web with CreativeEditor SDK: Users will be able to edit and create fantastic videos based on templates in their browser with our SDK in your application soon! Sign up for early access.

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