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The VideoEditor SDK allows you to register an object that is being notified about events in real-time. You can then send these events to an analytics service of your choice. To receive events, you have to create a custom class that extends from EventTracker. This class has to be a Parcelable and must be annotated with @ly.img.sdk.android.annotations.StateEvents.

You have to create methods that are annotated with @ly.img.sdk.android.annotations.OnEvent for all events that you want to track.

    value = {LayerListSettings.Event.ADD_LAYER}, // Event name or names {...,...,...}, you will find all possible events in "Event" class inside our Settings classes.
    doInitCall = true, // If true (default), the event is call after register the tracker, if the event is called in meantime.
    ignoreReverts = true, // If false (default), the event is called also if the history has changed
    triggerDelay = 30 // If set to a value > 10 the event is triggered once X milliseconds after the last event call.

Here is an example: The Kotlin code sample is currently unavailable due to restrictions by the Kotlin Annotation Processor (kapt).

public class ExampleCustomEventTracker extends EventTracker {

     * This annotated method tracks any tool change like opening the brush tool
    protected void changeToolView(UiStateMenu menuState) {
        googleAnalyticsTracker.send(new HitBuilders.ScreenViewBuilder().build());
     * This annotated method tracks contrast changes after a delay of 1000ms (triggerDelay) in order to prevent too many traking events.
     * ignoreReverts = true means that this event is not triggered again if you cancel the changes.
    @OnEvent(value = ColorAdjustmentSettings.Event.CONTRAST, ignoreReverts = true, triggerDelay = 1000)
    protected void onColorAdjustmentChangeContrast(ColorAdjustmentSettings colorAdjustmentSettings) {
        HitBuilders.EventBuilder builder = new HitBuilders.EventBuilder()
          .setCategory("change color adjustment")
          .setValue(Math.round(colorAdjustmentSettings.getContrast() * 100));
    // Has to be a Parcalable. For example:
    private String trackerId;
    private Tracker googleAnalyticsTracker;
    public ExampleCustomEventTracker(String trackerId) {
    private void init(String trackerId) {
        this.trackerId = trackerId;
        GoogleAnalytics analytics = GoogleAnalytics.getInstance(PESDK.getAppContext());
        googleAnalyticsTracker = analytics.newTracker(trackerId);
    public int describeContents() {
        return 0;
    public void writeToParcel(Parcel dest, int flags) {
        super.writeToParcel(dest, flags);
    protected ExampleCustomEventTracker(Parcel in) {
    public static final Creator<ExampleCustomEventTracker> CREATOR = new Creator<ExampleCustomEventTracker>() {
        public ExampleCustomEventTracker createFromParcel(Parcel source) {
            return new ExampleCustomEventTracker(source);
        public ExampleCustomEventTracker[] newArray(int size) {
            return new ExampleCustomEventTracker[size];


Now you have to add your CustomEventTracker to the settings class.

    settingsList.setEventTracker(new CustomEventTracker(Application.ANALYTICS_TRACK_ID));