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Our SDK provides all the tools necessary for adding photo editing capabilities to your iOS application with a large variety of filters that can be previewed in realtime. Unlike other apps that allow a live preview of filters, the PhotoEditor SDK provides a live preview even when using high-resolution images. The framework is written in Swift and allows for easy customization. Additionally we support adding stickers and text in a non-destructive manner, which means that you can change the position, size, scale and order at any given time, even after applying other effects or cropping the photo.

License Terms

Make sure you have a commercial license before releasing your app. A commercial license is required for any app or service that has any form of monetization: This includes free apps with in-app purchases or ad supported applications. Please get in touch if you want to purchase the commercial license.


  • 62 stunningly beautiful built-in filters to choose from.
  • Native code: Our rendering engine is based on Apple’s Core Image, therefore we dodge all the nasty OpenGL problems other frameworks are facing.
  • iPad support: The PhotoEditor SDK uses auto layout for its views and adapts to each screen size - iPhone or iPad.
  • Design filters in Photoshop: With most photo editing frameworks you have to tweak values in code or copy & paste them from Photoshop or your favorite image editor. With our response technology this becomes a thing of the past. Design your filter in Photoshop and apply it to the provided identity image afterwards. Said image will ‘record’ the filter response - save it and add it as a new filter, done!
  • Swift: To keep up with the time, we chose Swift as the main development language for the PhotoEditor SDK, resulting in lean and straightforward code.
  • Live preview: Filters can be previewed directly in the camera preview.
  • Low memory footprint: We were able to reduce our memory footprint significantly.
  • Non-destructive: Don’t like your changes to the picture? No problem, just undo or even discard them. Of course you can redo them afterwards as well!
  • Highly customizable: Style the UI as you wish to meet your requirements.
  • Objective-C support: All of our public API is Objective-C compatible.
  • Fast: Our renderer uses hardware acceleration and the GPU, which makes it lightning fast.

New in Version 7.0

  • New stickers, frames and fonts.
  • The SDK has been rebranded to PhotoEditor SDK.
  • We now include the dSYM and bcsymbolmap files in the SDK for better debugging.
  • Faster and better looking adjustments.
  • Faster and better looking filters.
  • The frame tool has been updated to look better than ever before.

New in Version 6.0

  • Updated UI: We’ve made some UI changes thet lead to an even better user experience.
  • Lots of refactoring and stability improvements.
  • Updated Sticker Tool: We now support multiple sticker categories and sticker coloring.
  • Updated Focus Tool: You can finally adjust the gradient and we’ve moved from a gaussian blur to a box blur for an even better result.
  • Transform Tool: We’ve completely redesigned and rewritten our crop tool. As of now, you can not only crop your image, but also straighten it.