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Our serialization functionality empowers you to save the current settings of the UI and recover it the next time the editor is opened again. The settings will be stored in a plain JSON file. For details on the JSON structure you can download our schema.

Saving the UI settings

When the editor is about to be closed, the according delegate method will be called. In that method you can retrieve the serialized settings by calling the serializedSettings method on the PhotoEditViewController class and save these to a file. Here is some example code to get you started:

func photoEditViewController(_ photoEditViewController: PhotoEditViewController, didSave image: UIImage, and data: Data) {
    if ViewController.writeSettings {
        let data = photoEditViewController.serializedSettings
        do {
            try data?.write(to: dataFileURL, options: .atomic)
        } catch {

    dismiss(animated: true, completion: nil)

Restoring the UI settings

To set the initial editor settings, load the saved settings as NSData object and set them via the initialSerializedSettings property of the PhotoEditViewController. This has to be done before the editor is presented. Here is an example, to demonstrate the process:

let photoEditViewController = PhotoEditViewController(photo: UIImage(named: "sample_image")!)
photoEditViewController.delegate = self
if let serializedData = NSData(contentsOf: dataFileURL) {
    photoEditViewController.initialSerializedSettings = initialSerializedSettings
let toolbarController = ToolbarController()
toolbarController.push(photoEditViewController, animated: false)

present(toolbarController, animated: true, completion: nil)