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Controls tool

The SDK offers controls for all available tools. The default toolset consists of the following tools: Transform, Filters, Adjustments, Text, Stickers, Frames, Brush, Focus and Magic.

All available tools are implemented as PhotoEditToolController subclasses and get presented in a stacked layout, starting from the PhotoEditViewController as root, which is embedded in a ToolbarController for hierarchy and toolbar management. Each tool controller can be configured using its corresponding ToolControllerOptions subclass as described in the configuration and customization sections.

Controls tool

A single tool controller consists of four main views:

  1. workspaceView - The view showing the image thats currently being edited and any changes, e.g. brush strokes or stickers, that are applied to it
  2. overlays - A set of buttons that are overlaid on the workspaceView and offer functionality like ‘Redo’, ‘Undo’ or ‘Bring to front’
  3. accessoryView - The default place for controls, that belong to the current tool
  4. toolbar - The bottom toolbar, managed by the ToolbarController displays the current tool and allows apply/cancel actions.