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Transform tool

Our transform tool unifies cropping, flipping and rotation operations in one feature. The PhotoEditor SDK holds various preset crop ratios (e.g. 16:9) that can easily be complemented by any crop ratio you deem necessary.

The tool is implemented in the TransformToolController class and can be customized using the TransformToolControllerOptions as described in the configuration section. By modifying these options, you may customize the available transform actions and crop aspect ratios by adding or removing CropAspect and TransformAction objects from or to the corresponding arrays. All sliders and buttons can be customized as well. In order to disable free cropping and force the use of one of the available aspect ratios, set the allowFreeCrop property to true.

In order to force your users to crop their image to one of the available crop ratios, you can use the PhotoEditViewControllerOptions to configure the editor accordingly:

let configuration = Configuration { builder in
    builder.configureTransformToolController { options in
        options.allowFreeCrop = false
        options.allowedCropRatios = [
            CropAspect(width: 1, height: 1, localizedName: "Square", rotatable: false),
            CropAspect(width: 3, height: 2, localizedName: "Landscape", rotatable: false),
            CropAspect(width: 2, height: 3, localizedName: "Portrait", rotatable: false),
    builder.configurePhotoEditorViewController { options in
        options.forceCropMode = true
let sampleImage = UIImage(named: "sample_image")
let photoEditViewController =  PhotoEditViewController(photo: sampleImage!, configuration: configuration)