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Camera tool

The PhotoEditor SDK offers a lightning fast camera implementation for Android to complement your editor, featuring all essential camera components as well as live filters.

In order to use our camera, you need to instantiate a CameraPreviewActivity using a CameraPreviewBuilder and present it. You can configure the camera to fit your needs by passing a SettingsList object to the builder. If no configuration is passed, the default setup is passed:

SettingsList settingsList = new SettingsList();
    // Set custom camera export settings
    .setExportDir(Directory.DCIM, FOLDER)
    // Set custom editor export settings
    .setExportDir(Directory.DCIM, FOLDER)

    new CameraPreviewBuilder(this)
            .startActivityForResult(this, CAMERA_PREVIEW_RESULT);

For more details, take a look at our getting started section.