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The ImgLyConfig provides a lot of functions for customizing the Editor. To modify this configuration you need to generate a default object using a new SettingsList object. You can then configure the SDK using the ImglyConfig object returned from getConfig(). Afterwards, you add the modified settingsList to the CameraPreviewBuilder or the PhotoEditorBuilder.

SettingsList settingsList = new SettingsList();
ImgLyConfig config = settingsList.getConfig()

 * Do your configuration modifications. *

 new CameraPreviewBuilder(this)
    .startActivityForResult(this, CAMERA_PREVIEW_RESULT);

Toolset configuration

Editor Tools

In order to change the tools or rearrange them, use the setTools() method of the ImgLyConfig object. Before this, you can use the getTools() method to get an ArrayList containing the default tools. You can use the clear() method to clear the list and refill it with your selection of tools in the preferred order or update it directly. You can also add custom tools by extending the AbstractEditorTool class.

A single EditorTool object takes two parameters:

  1. A resource identifier of the tool name
  2. A drawable resource identifier of the icon
ArrayList<AbstractEditorTool> tools = new ArrayList<>();

/* This is the default configuration: */

tools.add(new CropTool(R.string.imgly_tool_name_crop,               R.drawable.imgly_icon_tool_crop));
tools.add(new OrientationTool(R.string.imgly_tool_name_orientation, R.drawable.imgly_icon_tool_orientation));
tools.add(new Divider());
tools.add(new FilterTool(R.string.imgly_tool_name_filter,           R.drawable.imgly_icon_tool_filters));
tools.add(new ColorMatrixTool(R.string.imgly_tool_name_adjust,      R.drawable.imgly_icon_tool_adjust));
tools.add(new Divider());
tools.add(new TextTool(R.string.imgly_tool_name_text,               R.drawable.imgly_icon_tool_text));
tools.add(new StickerTool(R.string.imgly_tool_name_sticker,         R.drawable.imgly_icon_tool_sticker));
tools.add(new Divider());
tools.add(new FocusTool(R.string.imgly_tool_name_focus,             R.drawable.imgly_icon_tool_focus));


Select available crop ratios

Check out our transform documentation.

Configuring available fonts

Take a look at the text documentation.

Adding or removing stickers

Take a look at the stickers documentation.

Adding or removing filters

Take a look at the filters documentation.