Make the
World More
Creative and

Why Our vision is to excite, empower, and connect people so that they can make the world more creative and expressive.

How We bridge the gap between technology and design.

What We build creative platforms and tools that make design easier and more accessible.


Creating appealing designs remains a challenge for most of us, and there are many reasons for that. But tools, such as computers, allow us to finish more tasks in a shorter amount of time and with fewer resources. Even more importantly, said tools also rid us of repetitious work, enabling us to shift our attention to more exciting tasks, paving the way for us to experiment and create rather than repeat.

Proper visual design attracts, engages, and persuades; it helps convey stories and facilitates communication.


We are building the creative engine of the digital world – UBQ, a platform for creative editing. We double down on our core belief that design can benefit a lot from technological advancements.

Since releasing our first PhotoEditor SDK  in 2015, it quickly found its way into the hands of thousands of application developers. The demand allowed us to ramp up our efforts to expand our SDK to cover more platforms, add features and launch VideoEditor SDK.
At the same time, two striking things happened to us. Read more about our UBQ engine.


We love to power great ideas and people who power ours, which is why we started sponsoring Open Source projects like EnTT.

To celebrate interdisciplinary and open knowledge exchange DXT : DESIGN x TECHNOLOGY conference will take place in 2021 in Bochum. To stay in the loop, participate and join engaging meetups along the way, sign up for our newsletter and Meetup group. We can't wait to see you!