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class NativeCodecEncoder(muxer: NativeMediaMuxer, codec: <ERROR CLASS>, startAtNanosecond: Long, endAtNanosecond: Long, copySource: <ERROR CLASS>?)
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class NativeMediaMuxer(outputUri: <ERROR CLASS>, containerFormat: Int)
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class NativeVideoEncoder(sourceVideoUri: <ERROR CLASS>?, outputFileUri: <ERROR CLASS>, rotation: Int, width: Int, height: Int, frameRate: Int, bitRate: Int, mimeType: String, containerFormat: Int, startAtNanosecond: Long, endAtNanosecond: Long, iFrameIntervalInSeconds: Int, fastTrimMode: Boolean)
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Holds state associated with a Surface used for MediaCodec encoder input.

The constructor takes a Surface obtained from MediaCodec.createInputSurface(), and uses that to create an EGL window surface. Calls to eglSwapBuffers() cause a frame of data to be sent to the video encoder.

This object owns the Surface -- releasing this will release the Surface too.

class VideoEncoderInputSurface(surface: <ERROR CLASS>)