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For a straightforward integration of PhotoEditor SDK, see our set of example integrations for various frameworks like React Native, Ionic or Cordova.

Whether you just want to learn to use PhotoEditor SDK or just see what can be build with it, we are providing some example integrations.

Support for Demos#

While we do provide these demo integrations, we need to also emphasize that we are only experts in native iOS, Android and Web and none of these frameworks. Therefore, we can only offer limited support for these types of integrations.

Please keep this in mind when making the decision what language or framework you'd like to use and how much support you might need from our end.

Example Integrations#

Checkout our GitHub Repositories here for up to date example integrations of our HTML and native SDKs. All example intergrations repositories are tagged with the suffix -demo. In general these examples are a good starting place to:

  • Quickly test out our SDK without the need to write code
  • Tinker with the code to understand how it works
  • And starting templates for specific web frameworks

Currently, we are providing example integrations for:

We are also providing a codesandbox demo for react, visit the codesandbox to play around with PhotoEditor SDK without going through all the installation process. If you are into typescript and want to levarage the typings we provide, you can play around with the typescript demo.