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Frames tool

The PhotoEditor SDK includes a versatile frame tool that works with any given photo size or ratio and provides two distinct options to apply frames. For the flexible frames tool that works perfectly for creatives with repeatable or stretchable areas, we abandoned the 9-patch standard and replaced it with a novel and even more flexible 12-patch layout. The static frames tool can be used for complex and irregular creatives.

The tool is implemented in the FrameToolController class and can be customized using the FrameToolControllerOptions. For details on how to modify the options, take a look at the configuration section

Adding and removing frames

Similar to stickers, frames are inserted into the SDK using a data source. We provide a ready to use data source, the FrameDataSource. It takes an array of Frame objects, and handles the rest for you. A Frame object usually holds multiple versions of the same image, each matching a different crop ratio. That is to prevent distorted results. So if you app supports three different crop ratios, each frame should have an asset for each individual crop ratio. To add an asset to a Frame object, use the addImage(_ imageURL: URL, thumbnailURL: URL?, forRatio ratio: CGFloat) function. Just as the sticker data source, this data source supports local and remote sources.