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About PhotoEditor SDK for HTML5

Our SDK provides tools for adding photo editing capabilities to your web application with a big variety of filters and adjustments. We support adding stickers and text in a non-destructive manner, which means that you can change the position, size, scale and order at any given time, even after applying other effects or cropping the photo.


The following is a list of the most important classes and types that you will need for the most common use cases. Although the list of available classes and types is long, you will not have to interact with them unless you're looking to extend the SDK beyond what's possible out of the box.

  • PhotoEditorSDKUI - This class is used to instantiate the PhotoEditor
  • EditorAPI - Will be returned by PhotoEditorSDKUI and is the main editor class
  • Configuration - The type of the config object which is provided to PhotoEditorSDKUI
  • UIEvent - The available events you can listen for on the EditorAPI class


For a more in-depth look at various features of the PhotoEditor SDK and an integration guide, please visit docs.photoeditorsdk.com/guides/html5.


Please use our Service Desk if you have any questions or would like to submit bug reports.

License Terms

Please contact us if you want to purchase a commercial license.