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Interface CustomConfiguration


  • CustomConfiguration



Optional components

components: CustomComponents

Cards and toolbarItem supported only in Advanced UI, loader is supported in both UIs

Optional languages

languages: CustomLanguages

New language locale eg: languages: { es: {...} } In case one wants to override only a certain lables eg: { de: { filter: { controls: { buttonReset: 'Zur├╝cksetzen' } } } }

Optional measurements

measurements: CustomMeasurements

Option to change the width or height of certain UI elements. e.g. Toolbar or CanvasBar eg: { advancedToolbar: { width: 64 } }

Optional themes

themes: CustomThemes

Theming options to change the user interface appearance. This allows to alter predefined existing theme presets or to create new themes which can be enabled when their corresponding key (name) is set as the Configuration.theme. New theme eg: theme: { pink: {...} } In case one wants to override only a certain attributes eg: { dark: { toolControlBar: { border: '#FFFFFF' } } }