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Creative Engine APIs

Use the Creative Engine APIs of the Creative Editor SDK to implement highly customized workflows

This is a Technology Preview!#

The Creative Engine APIs are not quite production-ready. We make them available as a preview to gather feedback from and explore possibilities with you.

Interface and behavior of the APIs are not stable yet and subject to change.

The APIs of the Creative Engine we introduced for the headless version of the Creative Engine are also available on the CreativeEditorSDK. They allow you to programatically manipulate scenes inside the editor to automate workflows and customize the user experience.

Accessing the Creative Engine APIs#

You can access the Creative Engine APIs via the cesdk.engine object and interact with the scene seen on screen.

The examples in the API Guides will use the headless Creative Engine:

Headless Creative Engine
import '';
const config = {
baseURL: ''
CreativeEngine.init(config).then((engine) => {
// work with the engine...

Accessing the APIs in the Creative Editor SDK works very similar:

import '';
const config = {
baseURL: ''
CreativeEditorSDK.init('#cesdk_container', config).then((instance) => {
// work with the engine...

API Guides#

Setup and Initialization
How to setup and initialize the Creative Engine.

Create a Scene
How to create an empty scene.

Load a Scene
How to load a scene.

Save a Scene
How to save a scene.

Exporting pages
How to export pages.

Modify blocks
such as images or text in the scene.

Observe Events
Subscribe to block creation, update and destruction events.

Manage Variables
Manage the values of pre-defined variables, allowing for quick customization of things like headlines.

Demonstrates how to animate a drawing.