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Understanding Roles in the CreativeEditor SDK

Learn why roles are a central and powerful concept of the CreativeEditor SDK.


User roles allow the CE.SDK to change and adapt its UI layout and functionality to provide the optimal editing experience for a specific purpose.

There are four roles:

  • Creator
  • Adopter
  • Viewer
  • Presenter

The configuration guides explain how you can specify the user role in the configuration.

The individual roles are now described in detail.


The Creator role is the most powerful and least restrictive role that is offered by the CE.SDK. Running the editor with this role means that there are no limits to what the user can do with the loaded scene.

Elements can be added, moved, deleted, and modified. All types of controls for modifying the selected elements are shown inside of the inspector.


The Adopter role allows new elements to be added and modified. Existing elements of a scene are only modifiable based on the set of constraints that the Creator has manually enabled.

This provides the Adopter with a simpler interface that is reduced to only the properties that they should be able to change and prevents them from accidentally changing or deleting parts of a design that should not be modified.

An example use case for how such a distinction between Creator and Adopter roles can provide a lot of value is the process of designing business cards.

A professional designer (using the Creator role) can create a template design of the business card with the company name, logo, colors, etc. They can then use the constraints to make only the name text editable for non-creators. Non-designers (either the employees themselves or the HR department) can then easily open the design in a CE.SDK instance with the Adopter role and are able to quickly change the name on the business card and export it for printing, without a designer having to get involved.


Users with the Viewer role are not able to modify a loaded design at all. Therefore, the editor switches into a read-only mode and hides the inspector and all buttons for adding new elements.


The Presenter role is perfect for switching the editor into presentation mode. No UI is shown, and the pages are not editable. You can switch between individual pages using the arrow keys on your keyboard.