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Explore the recent changes made to CreativeEditor SDK.

Our release notes contain more details on features and changes.

v1.11.0 - May 8th, 2023#

See the announcement post for details on features.

Breaking Changes

  • UBQ: Made the timeOffset, duration, and framerate parameters of the BlockAPI#exportVideo function optional.
  • UBQ: Renamed SceneAPI.unstable_getDesignUnit and SceneAPI.unstable_setDesignUnit into SceneAPI.getDesignUnit and SceneAPI.setDesignUnit
  • UBQ: SceneAPI.setDesignUnit now accepts "Pixel", "Millimeter" or "Inch" as arguments instead of "px", "mm" or "in"
  • UBQ: SceneAPI.getDesignUnit now returns "Pixel", "Millimeter" or "Inch" as values instead of "px", "mm" or "in"
  • UBQ/Swift: Renamed first parameter of the SceneAPI.create method from from imageURL: URL to fromImage url: URL to differentiate between the image and the video variant
  • CESDK: Removal of the scene config option. You can set a scene's dpi and pixelScaleFactor via the BlockApi's setInt(sceneId, 'scene/dpi', dpi) and setInt(sceneId, 'scene/pixelScaleFactor', factor).
  • UBQ/Android: Color which used to represent RGB color has now become a sealed interface and has two implementations: RGBAColor and SpotColor

Non Breaking Changes

  • CESDK: Notifications have been redesigned. They always align to the bottom right edge now and are using updated design tokens to increase their visibility
  • CESDK: Fix an issue where dragging from the canvas outside the browser window could put the mouse input system into an undefined state
  • CESDK: Fix inspector headings not being truncated properly if their content is too long to fit the visible space
  • UBQ: Add SceneAPI.createFromVideo method analogous to SceneAPI.createFromImage
  • UBQ: Add BlockAPI.isAlignable, BlockAPI.alignHorizontally, and BlockAPI.alignVertically.
  • CESDK: Fix bleed margin not updating correctly when switching page format or design unit.
  • CESDK: PageFormatDefinition.dpi and PageFormatDefinition.bleedMargin properties have been removed. They were never actually used in the CESDK.
  • CESDK: Stroke properties are now being controlled via select inputs instead of segmented controls, improving their usability
  • CESDK: Fix a bug in the 'Edit' canvas action for text blocks.
  • CESDK: Fix for touch-gestures sometimes triggering accidental selection- CESDK: Stroke properties are now being controlled via select inputs instead of segmented controls, improving their usability
  • CESDK: Fix a bug in the 'Edit' canvas action for text blocks.
  • CESDK: Fix for touch-gestures sometimes triggering accidental selection
  • CESDK: Fix moving groups between pages resulting in groups jumping around.
  • CESDK: Number inputs now default to two fraction digits for number inputs
  • UBQ: Merged CompositedText and Text blocks
  • UBQ: Add TextCase options to the Text block and API
  • CESDK: Add support for file:/path format and special characters in @cesdk/node URL handling.
  • CESDK: Introduce the crop, filters, adjustments, effects, and blur inspector for page blocks.
  • CESDK: Add Alignment UI to Design & Studio UI
  • CESDK: Fix various bugs related to undo/redo in the Video Editor.
  • CESDK: Fix a bug for 'flip' operations not saving undo/redo steps.
  • CESDK: Fix editor crashing when loading scenes with specific combinations of block indices.
  • UBQ: Add text/clipLinesOutsideOfFrame and text/hasClippedLines properties to the Text block.
  • UBQ: Add automatic font size options (text/automaticFontSizeEnabled, text/minAutomaticFontSize, text/maxAutomaticFontSize) to the Text block.
  • UBQ: Fix occasions where the scene export failed with an error stating "Block to export has size 0".

v1.10.1 - March 28th, 2023#

Non Breaking Changes

  • UBQ/Android: Fix android keyboard not opening on some devices
  • UBQ: Fix for touch-gestures sometimes triggering accidental selection

v1.10.0 - March 14th, 2023#

See the announcement post for details on features.

Breaking Changes

⚠️ Starting with v1.10.0 we no longer ship our default assets within the assets/extensions folder. Instead, both engine and UIs now offer convenience addDefaultAssetSources endpoints, that selectively register asset sources, that serve our default assets. If you're actively using the example assets we shipped before v1.10.0, check the Serving Assets Guide for your target platform.

⚠️ Image uploads are no longer stored in the scene and will not reappear upon scene load. To offer specific assets in your editor, configure and add an asset source containing the desired assets.

Asset Management

  • CESDK: Removed presets configuration for images (presets.images). Please use the local asset sources to add single images, e.g. with AssetAPI#addAssetToSource.
  • UBQ: The applyAsset callbacks and defaultApplyAsset API now return an optional design block id in their callback if they created a new block
  • UBQ: Removed the required thumbUri and size properties from AssetDefinition and AssetResult. They are now stored under the thumbUri, width and height keys in the meta property dictionary
  • UBQ: Values of the blockType asset meta property must now be design block type ids (e.g. //ly.img.ubq/image)
  • CESDK: Removed the AssetElement, ImageElement, VideoElement and AudioElement types and replaced them with AssetDefinition
  • CESDK: The onUpload callback must now return an instance of AssetDefinition
  • UBQ: Renamed default upload source for images (ly.img.upload) to ly.img.image.upload to match naming of video and audio upload sources.
  • UBQ: Upload asset sources and library entries for video and audio were added to the default configuration from addDefaultAssetSources. If you have added these sources manually (like mentioned in our docs) you can remove it now.


  • CESDK: Fix text-alignment center and bottom not working properly since v1.5.0 for the case when a fixed frame size was used and the text exceeded the frame. This can cause text elements with a fixed frame and center or bottom text alignment, where the text exceeds the frame, to render differently than before.

APIs & Properties

  • UBQ: Renamed Audio's and VideoFill's specific looping, volume, and muted properties to share a common playback prefix:
    • 'fill/video/looping' and 'audio/looping' are now 'playback/looping'
    • 'fill/video/volume' and 'audio/volume' are now 'playback/volume'
    • 'fill/video/muted' and 'audio/muted' are now 'playback/muted'
  • UBQ: Deprecated the camera/clearColor property and replaced it with a global clearColor setting.
  • UBQ: Deprecated fill color related APIs in favor of a 'Fill' based approach
    • Deprecated hasFillColor, use hasFill and query block.getEnum(id, 'fill/type') for Solid type instead.
    • Deprecated get/setFillColorRGBA, use setFillSolidColorinstead..
    • Deprecated isFillColorEnabled, use isFillEnabled instead.
    • Deprecated setFillType and setFillGradientType, use createFill, e.g., with type 'color' and then apply the fill block with setFill to the block instead. If the block has a fill, it should be removed with getFill and destroy.
    • Deprecated getFillType and getFillGradientType, query block.getEnum(id, 'fill/type') and block.getEnum(id, 'fill/gradient/type') instead instead
    • Deprecated add/removeFillGradientColorStop and get/setFillGradientColorStops.
    • Deprecated get/setFillGradientControlPointX/Y, use block.getFloat(fill, keypath) and block.setFloat(fill, keypath, value) with key paths 'fill/gradient/linear/startPointX/Y', 'fill/gradient/radial/centerPointX/Y', and 'fill/gradient/conical/centerPointX/Y' instead.
    • Deprecated get/setFillGradientRadius, use block.getFloat(fill, 'fill/gradient/radial/radius') and block.setFloat(fill, 'fill/gradient/radial/radius', value) instead."

Non Breaking Changes

  • CESDK: Fix issue with asset replacement panel hiding when selecting new audio.
  • CESDK: Add callback and utility method for checking against unsupported browsers
  • CESDK: Audio clip is deleted automatically if being out of bounds after page deletion
  • UBQ: Fix potential out of memory issue when loading lots of scenes with a single engine instance
  • UBQ: Fix event subscription for common props, i.e., name, exportable, and always-on-top properties.
  • CESDK: Removed the emoji default font from the bundle and exposed the URI setting (setting ubq://defaultEmojiFontFileUri)
  • CESDK: Fix for text variables not showing when editing text resulting in wrong cursor positions since v1.7.0.
  • CESDK: Fix audio element clamping and stale timeline scale label value
  • CESDK: Remove re-uploading of Unsplash images and hotlink them directly into the scene
  • CESDK: Fix empty page inspector in default UI on certain constraints settings
  • UBQ: Introduce PlaceholderControls which allow controlling the placeholder appearance on each block. Replaces image/showsPlaceholderButton and image/showsPlaceholderOverlay properties, which are now deprecated.
  • CESDK: Fix blend mode UI not being reflecting state properly for shapes, text and stickers
  • CESDK: Add --ubq-border_radius-xs token
  • CESDK: Allow bitmaps to be uploaded
  • CESDK: Remove official image/x-tga support from documentation
  • UBQ: Add subscribeToAssetSourceAdded and subscribeToAssetSourceRemoved methods to subscribe to additions to and removals from the list of asset sources
  • CESDK: Deprecate canManageAssets in favor of canAdd and canRemove in the asset library entries
  • CESDK: --ubq-stroke-contrast-3 token has been added
  • CESDK: Copy/Paste now respects scopes and configuration for page management
  • UBQ: Introduce block.getUUID
  • CESDK: Fix an issue where the search query was kept across dock entries
  • CESDK: Add support for Allow to Replace Content placeholder option for blocks that have a video Fill

v1.9.1 - December 14th, 2022#

Non Breaking Changes

  • UBQ: Fix invalid audio sample rate in the header of exported video files.
  • UBQ: Expose video export API
  • CESDK: Fix issue where replacing a video didn't work once it was in an error state
  • CESDK: Optimize page thumbnail generation

v1.9.0 - December 3rd, 2022#

See the announcement post for details on features.

Breaking Changes

  • CESDK: --ubq-border-outline, --ubq-border-divider and --ubq-border-contrast have been renamed to --ubq-border-default, --ubq-stroke-contrast-1 and --ubq-stroke-contrast-2
  • UBQ: Splitted showsPlaceholderOverlay into two settings: showsPlaceholderOverlay and showsPlaceholderButton to control the placeholder overlay and button separately.
  • CESDK: Remove the second canvas argument from CreativeEngine.init. Using a custom canvas is strongly discouraged in favor of using our managed canvas instead. If using a custom canvas can't be avoided, it can be provided via config.canvas.
  • CESDK: Setting touchScrollingEnabled changed to touch/singlePointPanning
  • CESDK: Setting touchDragRequiresSelectionEnabled changed to touch/dragStartCanSelect (inverted truth value)
  • CESDK: Configuration ui.elements.libraries.replace.entries determines if a replace button will be shown for any block. If you have customized this configuration for images, you have to make this a function, check the argument for the selected block type, and only return your customization if an image is selected. Otherwise, you will see the replace button for non-image blocks as well. If you haven't customized this configuration you do not have to do anything. See documentation for further information.

Non Breaking Changes

  • UBQ: Fix text-editing cursor movement changes via touch not working while auto-completion is active in mobile Chrome
  • CESDK: Extended the placeholder arrange scopes to support individual control over move, scale, rotate and flip
  • CESDK: Add meta+. shortcut to show/hide UI
  • CESDK: Fix HEX color value differs for color preview input field and HEX input field
  • CESDK: InspectorBar SubInspector toggle buttons now have same special highlight styling as inside the sidebar Inspector
  • UBQ: Fix mime type detection not working when saving to an archive
  • UBQ: Fix text variables containing emojis not rendering the emojis
  • CESDK: Add video export with audio
  • UBQ: Fix mime type detection not working when saving to an archive
  • CESDK: Fix wrong fallback for baseURL if set explicitly to null or undefined
  • UBQ: Fix export to only contain elements that are part of the specified hierarchy
  • UBQ: Add an automatic block layouting when needed in API calls. Can be turned off with the feature flag implicitUpdatesEnabled.
  • UBQ: Add placeholder line rendering to empty image and video fills
  • CESDK: Change background color of the subinspector
  • CESDK: change sorting of duplicated elements; on top of existing element, instead of at the very front
  • CESDK: Fixing shape translations in the asset library
  • CESDK: Fix problem where mouse handlers were not correctly installed when the custom element or canvas were detached.
  • UBQ: SceneAPI.create now accepts sceneLayout as an optional parameter defaulting to Free
  • UBQ: SceneAPI.createFromImage now accepts three additional optional parameter: sceneLayout defaulting to Free, spacing defaulting to 0, and spacingInScreenSpace defaulting to false
  • CESDK: improve texture sampling in the Web version when WebGL2 contexts are available
  • UBQ: Add isPropertyWritable/isPropertyReadable api methods
  • UBQ: Add subscribeToZoomLevel method to subscribe to changes in the zoom level
  • UBQ: Removed the fixed export size limit of 4096 px and used the device limit instead.
  • CESDK: Add SceneAPI.onZoomLevelChanged method to subscribe to change in the zoom level
  • UBQ: Add support for spot colors. Spot colors can be applied to the properties fill/solid/color, stroke/color and backgroundColor/color.
  • CESDK: Prevent painting past the boundaries of the <cesdk-canvas> element in certain situations.
  • UBQ: Introduce features/highQualityMipmaps flag to enable improved image sampling
  • CESDK: Show replace asset library even if asset library is hidden
  • CESDK: Improve texture sampling in the Web version when WebGL2 contexts are available
  • UBQ: Add subscribeToSelectionChange method to subscribe to changes to the current selection
  • UBQ: Add subscribeToHistory method to subscribe to changes in the undo/redo history
  • CESDK: Add BlockAPI.onSelectionChanged method to subscribe to changes in the current selection
  • CESDK: Add EditorAPI.onHistoryUpdated method to subscribe to changes in the undo/redo history
  • UBQ: Improve startup time by caching WASM compilation
  • CESDK: Add video not supported error dialog
  • UBQ: Add subscribeToActiveSceneChange method to subscribe to changes of the active scene
  • CESDK: Add SceneAPI.onActiveChanged method to subscribe to changes of the active scene
  • CESDK: Introduced settings touch related settings touch/* including pinchCanScale,pinchCanZoom and turnCanRotate
  • CESDK: Made some control Gizmos configurable via controlGizmo/*, including showCropHandles, showResizeHandles, showScaleHandles and showRotateHandles
  • UBQ: Improve BlockAPI.export to handle exporting of arbitrary blocks
  • CESDK: Add support for filters, adjustments, effects and blurs to all supported elements
  • UBQ: Transform and crop handles have a wider area of interaction when on mobile
  • UBQ: When the size of the slected element is too small, rotation and move handles are displayed together at the bottom center of the selection
  • CESDK: Introduce history management via the EditorAPI
  • CESDK: Introduce config.initialSceneMode option
  • UBQ: Add scene/defaultPageDuration property

v1.8.0 - October 7th, 2022#

See the announcement post for details on features.

Breaking Changes

  • CESDK: I18n keys related to shadows have changed:
    • 'action.shadow.direction.change' is now 'action.shadow.angle.change'
    • 'action.shadow.direction.rotate' is now 'action.shadow.angle.rotate'
    • 'action.shadow.size.change' is now 'action.shadow.distance.change'
    • 'input.shadow.direction' is now 'input.shadow.angle'
    • 'input.shadow.direction.description' is now 'input.shadow.angle.description'
    • 'input.shadow.size' is now 'input.shadow.distance'
    • 'input.shadow.size.description' is now 'input.shadow.angle.distance'
  • UBQ: Highlight placeholder button on hover
  • CESDK: Initializing the engine no longer requires a <canvas>. Instead, the instance will instantiate its own canvas that can then be inserted into the DOM
  • CESDK: Fix snapping guides aren't cleared on mouse/touch up
  • CESDK: Fix modals and dialogs not being positioned properly
  • UBQ: the design/arrange scope provides more fine-grained with design/arrange/move, design/arrange/resize, design/arrange/rotate, design/arrange/scale and design/arrange/flip. It is still possible to read or write all at once using design/arrange.
  • CESDK: Fix i18n issues with multiple CE.SDK instances
  • CESDK: Fix edge handle snapping on rotated elements

Non Breaking Changes

  • CESDK: Fix broken typography on inspector panel welcome text for adopter role
  • CESDK: Insert and replace panels now have the same default settings
  • CESDK: Add Image Straighten UI
  • UBQ: Add drop shadow support to the sticker block
  • CESDK: Update how the replace button is drawn on small frames
  • CESDK: Fixed hover highlight outline when changing selection via the API
  • CESDK: Add content-hashes to the core (WASM) asset filenames. Verify CESDK Version during WASM instantiation
  • CESDK: Add configuration options to show/hide UI to manage/format pages
  • CESDK: A multi-selection can be rotated
  • UBQ: Fixed the selection behavior of rectangle elements with outside or center strokes
  • CESDK: Add optional fixedOrientation flag to page format preset type.
  • UBQ: Added a high compatibility mode for PDF exports to the export settings and enabled it by default
  • UBQ: Add ubq://maxImageSize to control the engine's memory footprint. The default value is 4096 pixels. Images with a higher resolution get downscaled automatically.
  • UBQ: Improved memory handling.
  • CESDK: Fix settings panel CSS theme generator not including all necessary CSS custom properties
  • CESDK: Fix drag handle snapping accuracy sporadically slightly off
  • UBQ: Add iOS inline text editing
  • UBQ: Added exportWithColorMask to the API and bindings
  • UBQ: Fix property modification for duotone_filter, lut_filter, adjustments & hsp_selective_adjustments
  • UBQ: findAllProperties now returns correctly prefixed keys for blurs, effects and fills
  • UBQ: Add flipCropHorizontal and flipCropVertical APIs
  • UBQ: Fixed page dimensions and font sizes in the PDF export of pixel-unit scenes
  • UBQ: Fixed issue when adding another block after an selected image in the default UI
  • UBQ: Expose cropOverlayColor setting
  • UBQ: Add findAllMetadata endpoint
  • UBQ: Fix console error when touch dragging on the web
  • UBQ: Fix null values for getGroups callback in AssetSources
  • UBQ: Add helper functions to determine the support for WASM and Video (supportsWasm & supportsVideo)
  • UBQ: Added support for emojis, rendered with NotoColorEmoji.ttf
  • CESDK: Added touchScrollingEnabled and touchDragRequiresSelectionEnabled settings to configure the touch behavior.
  • CreativeEngine: Add Node.JS package @cesdk/node
  • UBQ: Fix crashes during event delivery
  • UBQ: Fix dragging through UI elements
  • UBQ: Fix crashes when duplicating fill, effects and blurs

v1.7.0 - August 2nd, 2022#

See the announcement post for details on features.

Breaking Changes

  • CESDK: Change export options provided to the onExport callback
    • options['image/jpeg'].quality -> options.jpegQuality
    • options['image/png'].compressionLevel -> options.pngCompressionLevel
  • UBQ: Update zoom APIs to be more user-friendly
    • editor.getZoomLevel -> scene.getZoomLevel
    • editor.setZoomLevel -> scene.setZoomLevel
    • get/setZoomLevel is in relation to pixel dimensions instead of design units of the scene, which requires an update of the values if the scene is in design unit inch or millimeter
  • CESDK: Changed translation keys in the settings panel
  • UBQ: Replace backgroundColor properties (backgroundColor/color, backgroundColor/enabled) of the page block with fill properties (fill/enabled, fill/gradient/type, fill/solid/color, fill/type).
  • CESDK: UI (Default or Advanced) is now independent of Role (Creator or Adopter).
    • Configuration key has been removed.
    • Configuration key is used to configure the view for all roles.
  • UBQ: Asset Source findAssets does not have a 'type' argument anymore. All user-configured asset source have to remove the type as well
  • CESDK: Removed the following configuration entries. It is replaced by configuration of ui.elements.libraries.insert.entries and ui.elements.libraries.replace.entries
    • ui.elements.libraries.upload has been removed.
    • ui.elements.libraries.template has been removed.
    • ui.elements.libraries.image has been removed.
    • ui.elements.libraries.text has been removed.
    • ui.elements.libraries.element has been removed.
  • CESDK: Deprecate libraries.panel.insert and libraries.panel.replace and move their entries to libraries.insert and libraries.replace
  • UBQ: Rename drop shadow related function and properties:
    • [get/set]DropShadow[X/Y]Offset -> [get/set]DropShadowOffset[X/Y]
    • [get/set]DropShadow[X/Y]BlurRadius -> [get/set]DropShadowBlurRadius[X/Y]
    • dropShadow/x/offset -> dropShadow/offset/x
    • dropShadow/y/offset -> dropShadow/offset/y
    • dropShadow/x/blurRadius -> dropShadow/blurRadius/x
    • dropShadow/y/blurRadius -> dropShadow/blurRadius/y
  • UBQ: hasPlaceholderContent has been renamed to showsPlaceholderContent
  • CESDK: Changed i18n key input.document to input.canvas
  • CESDK: default stroke position is centered rather than outside

Non Breaking Changes

  • CESDK: Add option to auto close asset library after insert or replace
  • UBQ: new API functionality to add and edit a block's drop shadow
  • CESDK: Update border radius values
  • UBQ: Add export options to export API
  • UBQ: Introduce asset API
  • CESDK: Add Stroke controls to Default UI for Images
  • UBQ: Add setting to control double-click behavior
  • UBQ: Add gradient option to page fill
  • UBQ: Add block metadata API
  • CESDK: Add labels to Shape Options sliders.
  • CESDK: Improved UI usability on small screens
  • CESDK: Fix Unsplash library displaying the same image multiple times
  • CESDK: Fix filter card labels not readable in dark theme
  • CESDK: Can rotate and flip groups
  • CESDK: Fix template library cards displaying templates wrong
  • CESDK: Add configurable icons for custom libraries
  • UBQ: Add scopes API
  • CESDK: Add Shadows controls to Advanced UI
  • CESDK: Fixed line shape handles not moveable in some conditions
  • CESDK: Add possibility to pass function to dock group configuration
  • CESDK: Add stroke to pages.
  • UBQ: Always clip content to pages on export
  • CESDK: Add effect & blur APIs.
  • CESDK: Fix to properly ignore mouse events over UI elements
  • CESDK: Remove text background color from the UI
  • CESDK: Fix word wrapping of text for keyboard input in Safari
  • CESDK: The entry point for the CreativeEngine at @cesdk/cesdk-js/creative-engine.umd.js has been removed. Use the @cesdk/engine package instead.
  • CESDK: Fix translation issues in the asset library
  • CESDK: Change default template card backgroundType to contain
  • CESDK: Added support for changing cursors depending on the action performed in the @cesdk/engine package.
  • CESDK: Fix lost keyboard focus after clicking canvas

v1.6.0 - May 16, 2022#

See the announcement post for details on features.

Breaking Changes

  • UBQ: Fix "Cross Cut" effect output differences.
  • CESDK: Some of the exported types of the @cesdk/cesdk-js package have changed:
    • The DesignElementId type alias has been renamed to DesignBlockId
    • The PositionMode, SizeMode, and PropertyType enums for use with the BlockAPI are gone. Instead you can use literal string values that map 1:1 to the previous enum value names. PositionMode.Absolute becomes "Absolute", etc.
    • The DesignUnit enum has been changed to a string unit
  • CESDK: Some of the exported types from @cesdk/cesdk-js and @cesdk/cesdk-js/cesdk-engine.umd.js/@cesdk/engine have been renamed or restructured. All types that were used internally so far, are now exported.
  • CESDK: Add template library
    • Template configuration now needs to include a label for each template
  • JNI: Use long instead of int for IDs because Java does not offer unsigned ints.
  • CESDK: Deprecate imports of the CreativeEngine module from @cesdk/cesdk-js/cesdk-engine.umd.js. To use the CreativeEngine module, import it as its own package from the @cesdk/engine npm module.

Non Breaking Changes

  • UBQ: Add findAllPlaceholders API
  • CESDK: Fix snapping guides not always covering the entire screen
  • CESDK: Split cesdk_engine from cesdk_web
  • UBQ: Add scale API for proportional scaling of blocks, groups and hierarchies
  • CESDK: Add API options setContentFillMode and getContentFillMode
  • UBQ: Fix blur bleeding with CPU backend
  • UBQ: Fix Tiltshift effect alpha handling
  • CESDK: Improved Stroke options for Shapes and Text
  • CESDK: Add Gradient Fills.
  • CESDK: Fix unselectable elements being selectable by keyboard interaction for Adopter.
  • CESDK: Fix uploaded images being added immediately.
  • CESDK: Add placeholder options for Pages.
  • UBQ: Add applyTemplate APIs
  • UBQ: more properties can be set through the set of set/get functions which take a single parameter.
  • CESDK: Update line and stroke width of handles, selection frames, and gizmos.
  • UBQ: Fix text blocks changing position during design unit changes.

v1.5.0 - Apr 04, 2022#

See the announcement post for details on features.

  • CESDK: 'Replace Asset' library panel now automatically opens for Adopters when selecting a replaceable image, and stays open after selection.
  • CESDK: Add dock configuration option to show/hide labels and choose between icon sizes
  • CESDK: Allow usage of inline text editing in cesdk_engine headless mode
  • UBQ: Allow exporting scenes as an archive
  • UBQ: Add showsPlaceholderOverlay property to Image
  • UBQ: Add options for page clipping and out-of-page dimming
  • CESDK: Update supported browser versions
  • UBQ: Move pending and error state rendering from the frontend into UBQ
  • UBQ: Add PDF export
  • CESDK: Added new vector shapes.
  • CESDK: Introduce grouping of elements. A group can be moved and has its own opacity.
  • CESDK: Disabled color inputs inside colorselection popover can be enabled via click anywhere inside the popover
  • UBQ: Limit image render resolution to 4096x4096
  • UBQ: Switch to fixed Stack spacing during export
  • UBQ: Add Opacity component to CompositedText
  • CESDK: Fix bug when no sources for a type are configured
  • UBQ: Selection and placeholder highlighting for children of hidden elements are disabled.
  • UBQ: export now always unhides the element that's being exported.
  • CESDK: Introduce event API and editor API.

v1.4.7 - May 03, 2022#

Breaking Changes

  • JNI: Use long instead of int for IDs because Java does not offer unsigned ints.

Non Breaking Changes

  • CESDK: Fixed spinners showing on hidden pages, e.g. in single-page mode.
  • CESDK: Preserve font externalReference in textRuns when loading scenes.

v1.4.6 - Apr 14, 2022#

  • Add auto close feature

v1.4.5 - Apr 01, 2022#

  • Fixes Canvas Actions / Actionbar not correctly updating its position when text box height changes during typing
  • Fixes externalReference not being updated when an image was replaced
  • Fixes multiple issues in single page mode
    • Elements created by an adopter are no longer highlighted, which also fixes occasional highlighting of the entire scene
    • Non-visible elements are no longer selectable via tab
  • Loading spinners no longer show for elements on hidden pages
  • Fixes wrong pointer offsets for adopters, noticeable in embedded deployments leading to wild element jumps during drag
  • Fixes empty library for image replacement, if only uploads are in there
  • Allows disabling the image placeholder overlay via a new showsPlaceholderOverlay property
  • Adds an activePageCallback that allows registering for undo/redo induced page change

v1.4.4 - Mar 09, 2022#

  • Fixed mouse offsets during dragging

v1.4.3 - Mar 07, 2022#

  • CESDK: Fix bug when no sources for a type are configured
  • UBQ: export now always unhides the element that's being exported.
  • UBQ: Selection and placeholder highlighting for children of hidden elements is disabled.

v1.4.2 - Feb 23, 2022#

  • Fixes an error in the public TS type declarations.

v1.4.1 - Feb 22, 2022#

  • Placeholder overlay not getting removed when replacing image as adopter
  • Missing bindings for getGlobalXYZ & referencesAnyVariables endpoints
  • Various guide fixes (broken links, broken buttons & wrong examples)
  • Delay lookup of legacy vector path blocks
  • CESDK: Moved property API functions into the block API namespace. .property.findAll and .property.getType have been renamed to .block.findAllProperties and .block.findPropertyType resp.

v1.4.0 - Feb 18, 2022#

See the announcement post for details on features. Breaking Changes

  • CESDK: Add new elevation color theming token
  • CESDK: Add design tokens for danger button variant
  • CESDK: //ly.img.ubq/adjustableImage was renamed to //ly.img.ubq/image (serialized scenes are automatically converted)
  • CESDK: Changes made in preview mode are discarded when leaving the mode
  • CESDK: Shapes may now be resized non aspect-aware via the edge handles
  • CESDK: presets.variables was moved to the top level of the Configuration object
  • CESDK: Renamed configuration key for the view style from classic to advanced and from minimal to default
  • CESDK: Changed default image fill mode from none to cover
  • CESDK: I18n files have been restructured (flat keys).
  • CESDK: Extended layout functions of the block API for more control
  • CESDK: Introduce --ubq-margin-xl theming api token
  • CESDK: Introduce --ubq-interactive-selected theming api token

Non Breaking Changes

  • CESDK: Changes made in 'Preview' mode don't affect the current scene anymore
  • CreativeEngine: Introduces headless CreativeEngine via cesdk-engine package and makes the editors underlying engine available via cesdk.engine
  • CESDK: Add manual number input for slider elements via Enter key
  • CESDK: Add ability to remove variables
  • UBQ: Store & handle relative paths by resolving them relative to the ubq://basePath setting
  • CESDK: Add "Always on top" toggle for design elements
  • CESDK: Add ability to remove variables
  • CESDK: Remove ubq://waitForAssets setting
  • CESDK: image.uri was replaced with image.imageFileURI. The property now holds a file URI, the previously stored asset ID is now stored in image.externalReference. Same applies to image.lutFilter/uri and sticker.uri.
  • CESDK: Add block-based saveToString & loadFromString to block API
  • CESDK: VectorPath blocks now only receive paths & size instead of an asset key.
  • CESDK: Snapping behaviour extended to multi-selected elements
  • CESDK: Add getGlobalBoundingBox… & referencesAnyVariables to block API
  • CESDK: Replace image.duotoneFilter/assetUri with individual colors and introduce image.duotoneFilter/externalReference
  • CESDK: Hide inspector bar inputs without necessary placeholder settings in classic UI

v1.3.0 - Jan 06, 2022#

See the announcement post for details on features.

Breaking Changes

  • CESDK: Theming API endpoints for typographic settings has changed

Non Breaking Changes

  • CESDK: Fix scrollbar pixel scaling
  • CESDK: Add initialImageURL configuration option
  • CESDK: Make Editor unloading clean up more resources
  • CESDK: Add Page related configuration options ( & title.font)
  • CESDK: Add Multi Selection capabilities

v1.2.1 - Nov 30, 2021#

Breaking Changes

  • CESDK: Deprecated load method of CreativeEditorSDK in favour of loadFromString and loadFromURL
  • CESDK: Rename config.initialScene to config.initialSceneString

Non Breaking Changes

  • CESDK: Fix SVG without height and width attribute not being displayed
  • CESDK: Add Layout switch to Canvas Inspector
  • CESDK: Add initialSceneURL configuration option
  • CESDK: Add saner default for constraints in templates

v1.2.0 - Nov 22, 2021#

Non Breaking Changes

  • CESDK: Replace Storybook with hand-rolled styleguide
  • UBQ: Add support for POST requests, HTTP body & headers
  • CESDK: Add UI for renaming design elements
  • CESDK: Replace constraints section with placeholder UI
  • CESDK: New content library
  • CESDK: Inspector Panel content is reduced or hidden entirely for Adopter Role.

v1.1.1 - Oct 29, 2021#

  • CESDK: Fix vanilla js integration example not working

v1.1.0 - Oct 28, 2021#

Breaking Changes

  • CESDK: Fix line-breaking of words in text variables only having 1 character per-line for all but the last word

  • CESDK: Decrease default PNG compression level from 9 to 5.

  • CESDK: Alter export return from Promise<Blob[]> to Promise<{ blobs: Blob[], options: EncodeOptions }>.

  • CESDK: Shadow DOM UI encapsulation to prevent style bleeding Non Breaking Changes

  • CESDK: Display style of first character in selection when text is selected (instead of always style of the character before the cursor)

  • UBQ: Fix line resize handles being rendered wrong occasionally

  • UBQ: Add default Description component to all design blocks

  • CESDK/UBQ: Expose image encoding parameters for JPEG quality & PNG compression level

  • CESDK: Enable Doodle, Hands and Emoji sticker packs by default

  • CESDK: Update CanvasActions misaligned paddings

  • CESDK: Wire config.assets & config.presets.images

  • CESDK: Refactor initialization to untangle dependencies

  • CESDK: Add improved LineRenderer (better angled lines, no disappearing sub-pixel lines)

  • CESDK: Decrease minimal line-width

  • CESDK: Introduce RasterizedDesignBlocksRenderer and refactor CESDKImage to use it

  • CESDK: Add Copy/Paste functionality

  • CESDK: Add Stack design block

  • CESDK: Move from manual to automatic page layouting

  • CESDK: Wire config.presets.typefaces

  • CESDK: Add design token CSS custom property for disabled opacity value

  • CESDK: Remove unused design tokens regarding disabled input state

  • CESDK: Page Dimension Aspect Ratio Lock is now saved in Scene.

  • CESDK/UBQ: Implement frame flipping for all elements

  • UBQ: Add basic SVG support to the image element

v1.0.0 - Aug 18, 2021#

Breaking Changes

  • UBQ: Migrate to flexbox-based layouting
    • designElements are now serialized with base_props_version 6
    • block_position is now a struct with four values: json "block_position": { "version": 1, "left": { "version": 1, "unit": 1, "value": 18.0 }, "top": { "version": 1, "unit": 1, "value": 16.5 }, "right": { "version": 1, "unit": 0, "value": 0.0 }, "bottom": { "version": 1, "unit": 0, "value": 0.0 } }
      • Each value is a LayoutValue, where unit encodes whether it is an undefined, design unit, percent or auto
      • The example is therefore positioned 18 design units from the left & 16.5 design units from the top, right and bottom are undefined and therefore ignored
    • block_dimensions is now block_size: json "block_size": { "version": 1, "width": { "version": 1, "unit": 1, "value": 43.08553695678711 }, "height": { "version": 1, "unit": 1, "value": 64.61538696289063 } }
      • Consists of two LayoutValues encoding this elements size in either absolute design units, percent values relative to its parent or auto for auto sizing
    • The third dimensions, z-index & depth have moved into their own attributes block_z_index & block_depth along with has_block_z_index & has_block_depth. They just consist of float values.
  • CESDK: Made the initialization process more robust when dealing with large scenes. CESDK::load is now an async endpoint returning a Promise<void> that fulfills when the scene was loaded.
  • CESDK: Remove styled-components dependency
  • CESDK: Changed location of .wasm, .data, *.js files as well as the fonts and extension packs
  • CESDK: Added default font configuration (set defaultFont: '//ly.img.cesdk.fonts/roboto_regular' for the previous default. This needs the font extension pack installed)
  • CESDK: If fontPath is not specified it defaults to assetPath + 'fonts/' instead of just 'fonts/'
  • CESDK: Changed package name to @cesdk/cesdk-js
  • CESDK: Scale the text font proportionally when resizing a text element via its corner handles
  • CESDK: Create Text elements with auto height mode enabled
  • CESDK: Change 'Editor' role to 'Adopter'
  • CESDK: Element scopes are now false by default. Adopters therefore won't be able to interact with any element added by a 'Creator' user, unless the creator has manually enabled the corresponding scopes in the inspector.
  • CESDK: CESDK::save is now asynchronous.
  • CESDK/UBQ: CESDKScene is now part of UBQ, but old //ly.img.cesdk/scene IDs are mapped to //ly.img.ubq/scene block.
  • CESDK/UBQ: Changes scene format to //ly.img.ubq/scene, but still allows old format. Saving will create a scene file with the new format.
  • CESDK: Change token styling system and default themes
  • CESDK: Remove all old and unused CSS custom properties
  • CESDK: Add Text element option to hide lines outside of the frame
  • CESDK: Add Text layouting option for long word per-character line-break option
  • UBQ: Serializations are now base64 encoded
  • CESDK: Renamed effects and switched to only showing effects which were registered as an asset
  • CESDK: replace scene format selector
  • CESDK: Remove react as peer depedency for @cesdk/cesdk-js
  • CESDK: Changed public API surface
  • CESDK: draw fallback glyphs in text for codepoints that are not present in the font
  • CESDK: Removed the ly.img.cesdk.stickers.shapes extension pack
  • UBQ: Cleared default paths of CESDKVectorPath & VectorPath blocks
  • CESDK: Move Molle, Codystar & Lobster fonts into ly.img.cesdk.legacy-fonts pack

Non Breaking Changes

  • CESDK/UBQ: Do not show element handles while dragging
  • CESDK: Made the initialization process more robust when dealing with large scenes
  • UBQ: Fix positioning of circular progress bar
  • CESDK: Add LayerList feature simple implementation with sorting and layer hide
  • CESDK: Add auto-sized text elements
  • CESDK: Fix bleed margin popover selected option styling
  • UIKIT: Add ListBox component entirley based on existing Select component with only the list and options encapsulated
  • UBQ: Fix localized punctuation in number inputs
  • UBQ: Fix number input up/down stepping
  • UBQ: Fix movement of text input cursor
  • UBQ: Fix stop propagation of Popover scroll events
  • CESDK: Use regular cursor when move is not permitted on element
  • UIKIT: Use ListBox inside LayerList
  • CESDK: Don't render text variable select if there are no placeholers
  • CESDK: Fix ghost image drag in elements library for emoticons
  • CESDK: Bump to react@17.02 and react-dom@17.0.2
  • CESDK: Move 'Add Page' button to the bottom of the canvas
  • CESDK: Support multiple file upload
  • UBQ: Add settings registry that allows registration per scheme & corresponding commands
  • CESDK: Fix active inspector library selection
  • CESDK: Added transform and text subinspectors
  • CESDK: Update Library style
  • CESDK: Move Effect- and Filter-Sliders into collapsible cards
  • CESDK: Group 'Load', 'Save', 'Export' and 'Download' buttons in navigation
  • CESDK: Add proper large ui mode
  • CESDK: Fix margins on Buttons in ButtonGroup / SegmentedGroup
  • CESDK: Add crop UI controls
  • UBQ: Add crop commands to control crop from UI
  • UBQ/CESDK: Add support for copy & paste of design elements
  • CESDK: Add value labels to image sub inspectors
  • CESDK: Add theme color CSS configurator to settings panel
  • CESDK: fix bug where moving page up/down required two clicks
  • CESDK: Fix Backend useScene hook not initializing properly
  • CESDK: Add Zoom levels dropdown
  • CESDK: Fix ListBox active selection state
  • CESDK: Add template presets
  • UBQ: Introduce various xyzEnabled props on designblocks to control properties without losing their state
  • CESDK: Add UI for xyzEnabled from sub inspector and a separate component
  • CESDK: Add data-ubq-theme and data-ubq-scale HTML attributes
  • CESDK: Add "Allow to select" scope to shape elments
  • CESDK: Fix for unhelpful error message when measureImage fails du to a large file size
  • CESDK: Fix number input not valid input to show last valid one
  • CESDK: init returns promise which resolved if the engine is ready
  • UBQ: Add TextShapeCacheService to substantially increase performance when there's text in a scene
  • CESDK: Add page move up and down to history
  • CESDK: Move color change event emit to parent component
  • CESDK: Build target is now ES2017 (supports async functions and object spreads natively)
  • CESDK: Add new fonts & styles to ly.img.cesdk.fonts
  • CESDK: Add Outline to active Card item
  • CESDK: Add asset settings
  • CESDK: New default values for blur and shape outlines
  • CESDK: Remvoe listbox overlay scrollbar
  • CESDK: Add public typings to release folder
  • CESDK: Disable crop area transform when arrange is disabled from constraints
  • CESDK: Fix empty snapshot from crop sub inspector
  • CESDK: Fix and adjust canvas scroll bars styles
  • CESDK: Fix to allow transform handles on pages