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My first car didn\'t have air conditioning. How am I still alive?!?

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My first car didn't have air conditioning. How am I still alive?!?

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    NeecyRob Because you have mastered the art of breathing sunshine congrats! :P <3

    posted 30.06.2012 21:43

  2. Annie2_normal

    annmoore3gmailc WOW How did we do that ? When I was a kid noone had AC in their cars.

    posted 30.06.2012 21:49

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    kamjo79 Same temp in Kentucky. NOT a fan of the heat :(

    posted 30.06.2012 22:57

  4. 3261_1132135220018_1126383091_383891_5661559_n_normal

    kamjo79 BTW my first car had two windows that stayed up. how am I still alive :-/

    posted 30.06.2012 22:58