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Posted on May 09, 2012 from Twitterrific

I\'m in Norway doing a show! People said, \'No way\'. I said, \'Norway!\'

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I'm in Norway doing a show! People said, 'No way'. I said, 'Norway!'

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    tsovik7 I just spent 200 bucks to see your show tonight! It was great! As all the series you made with the Seinfeld gang. I´m a big fan! Asked you:"Could I?" And wanted to take a picture with you outside of your hotel just now, but you just rejected even if it was just me and another gang I didn`t know... One picture? I was alone!? Ok, sorry to complain just a bit disappointed.. Hope you enjoy your stay in Bergen. Bye!

    posted 09.05.2012 22:31