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Posted on April 22, 2012 from Twitterrific

Lingua in Firenze!

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Lingua in Firenze!

  1. Dscf2285_-_copy_normal

    CarolineMDelves Trying not to make a creepy comment about how long Neil's tongue is...

    posted 22.04.2012 02:47

  2. Brownie_normal

    nands_nani barney with robin, again?? is this some sorta sign for himym?

    posted 22.04.2012 03:21

  3. Aw_normal

    AmandaHimymfan dying. this is beautiful.

    posted 22.04.2012 04:05

  4. Zomgtivaaaaaa_normal

    tegan_kain They're so cute! xD I adore Neil and Cobie's friendship!! ♥

    posted 22.04.2012 07:37

  5. Img_1815_1_normal

    zampette Hahaha fantastic!

    posted 22.04.2012 10:14

  6. Phone2text_normal

    alittlebitofm So this is the Italian way... [not French]. I learn something new everyday. BTW Thanks for sharing the pics

    posted 22.04.2012 20:37

  7. 77394736359acdd1394f8cd75c1821c6_normal

    Finally_Luvd247 must be a good kisser then lol xD

    posted 11.05.2012 03:23