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Win this months(April) symbol painting! Reply to this and we\'ll pick a random follower.

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Win this months(April) symbol painting! Reply to this and we'll pick a random follower.

  1. 27265_1277959182173_1025807664_30686869_3915862_n_1__normal

    LucasCard0so Sick painting!

    posted 30.04.2012 21:20

  2. New_canvas_normal

    AntiKraken_ I am a "random follower"!

    posted 30.04.2012 22:40

  3. Octopus_normal

    a5pj Awesome, really awesome, would make a great tattoo, hmmmm

    posted 01.05.2012 00:11

  4. Jack_sparrow_pirate_flag_by_kyotiutsukushii_normal

    bradtastic45 whats in inane?

    posted 01.05.2012 01:35

  5. Default_profile_0_normal

    NickKelnhofer I neeed I neeeed

    posted 01.05.2012 02:11

  6. Helen_normal

    HelenFerridge Pick me!!! I will give it a great home in Canada!!!

    posted 01.05.2012 02:33

  7. Howl_normal

    murphcas This is my favorite symbol! Your art is inspirational! Love it!

    posted 01.05.2012 04:16

  8. Catscratch2_normal

    ScottDuffer Another awesome piece of sonic imagery that shows the uniqueness and originality of Dredg. There are four signed Dredg posters on my wall, and I hear their welcoming calls for the honor of sharing the company of this new friend. Thanks for sharing your art with us my bruutthhas!!!!!!

    posted 01.05.2012 19:11