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Posted on April 19, 2012 from Twitterrific

Me, @jaythewanted , Dave, and da kids!

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Me, @jaythewanted , Dave, and da kids!

  1. Lkj_normal

    adyjoana YOU LOOK HOT ((((((((((((((((((((((: [hey babe, sorry for ask but can you follow @BrasilTheWanted and check http://www.thewanantedbr? thank you xoxo]

    posted 19.04.2012 21:21

  2. Lkj_normal

    adyjoana *

    posted 19.04.2012 21:21

  3. Aqtgn3nceaaktob_normal

    jessepett awwhhh you boys are all soooo handsomeXx and nice crotch shot siva ;),p.s love you boys and jay ur a cutie arent u;)?

    posted 19.04.2012 21:26

  4. Aqtgn3nceaaktob_normal

    jessepett p.s again you guys r actually the best band ever , u care for ur fans so much ,i reconize that shirt

    posted 19.04.2012 21:32

  5. Aqtgn3nceaaktob_normal

    jessepett a fan gave it to u, lokks like when u boys come back to canada iam gonna have to get ur shirts ;)!!!

    posted 19.04.2012 21:33

  6. Aqtgn3nceaaktob_normal

    jessepett u*

    posted 19.04.2012 21:33