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Posted on April 09, 2012 from Twitterrific

Might have already tweeded... But, \'mum! I\'m busy right now!\'

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Might have already tweeded... But, 'mum! I'm busy right now!'

  1. 6978773704_7f2331cc5c_normal

    camileb please tell me it's a joke...?!

    posted 09.04.2012 08:30

  2. P1050757maleczare_normal

    marialejczyk it was episode when u're injured w/scalpel by patient?this&2next episodes're the best in this whole series

    posted 09.04.2012 12:04

  3. Na_nk_2_normal

    KKozdronkiewcz hahahaha

    posted 09.04.2012 13:40

  4. Benedict_cumberbatch_-_fortysomething_14_normal

    harleenDrakeCas hahahaha something fun to remember from this episode!

    posted 10.04.2012 08:30

  5. Me_recording_normal

    KeithARobertson " Uh, can I call you back? I' the middle of something just now. Great, talk to you later..bye! "

    posted 10.04.2012 11:40

  6. Vinito_normal

    ivejolie21 haha STOP!! the surgery, i need make a caLL ... WITH STYLE!

    posted 12.05.2012 21:59

  7. Foto0113_normal

    MeelTonello even in an operation're beautiful! ♥

    posted 25.05.2012 02:12