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Posted on February 14, 2012 from Twitterrific

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  1. 313144_10150340847528511_180775913510_8211521_1841740224_n_normal

    Melli_mel80 are they the sock monkeys? love it!

    posted 14.02.2012 14:18

  2. Img_0810_normal

    bernie22303 Better be careful. If I show this pic to my kids, they'll want you to adopt them-lol!

    posted 14.02.2012 14:52

  3. 261205_2042281970865_1058811598_32366146_5190056_n_1__normal

    andreanjamie Love it! Wish I had a lunch break and a Taget a mile away to run and get two for my girls.

    posted 14.02.2012 16:31