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Posted on December 27, 2011 from Twitterrific

White chocolate and spiced pear trifle\n

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White chocolate and spiced pear trifle

  1. 2012_beetle_turbo__nav__sunroof___sound_in_reef_blue__3__normal

    beaslma GREAT Pict! and yes please i'll take some!

    posted 27.12.2011 22:47

  2. Img_normal

    MKopecka It looks really great...

    posted 29.12.2011 20:56

  3. T_hero_normal

    Saeid_be_kewl I dont like white chocolate but this one looks sooo good!

    posted 04.01.2012 14:16

  4. Zzzombie_normal

    kev_slayer Holly cow... that looks delicious!

    posted 09.02.2012 21:37

  5. Snapshot_20111111_1_normal

    TheFlamePrinces It is no wonder Neil had to snatch you up. With goodies like this being made, you're a keeper! =]

    posted 13.02.2012 01:56