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here\'s @JDurbinAI10 at his best! \n\n

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here's @JDurbinAI10 at his best!

  1. 39d792124119423edbb52c38f038cfa6_normal

    IIEROCKII Had a great studio sesh today other than my ProTools crashing & losing vocal tracksÓźĖ Here's @JDurbinAI10 at his best!

    posted 24.07.2011 02:48

  2. Idol055_normal

    CaliKatCSU Great photo @JDurbinAI10!Love what you're wearing! I don't know what it is...but I LOVE IT! Thank you Eric!

    posted 24.07.2011 03:09

  3. Mmmdurb_normal

    desdanny Awesome!! Lovin' the TRUE Rocker look! <3

    posted 24.07.2011 19:46

  4. 294887061_normal

    Yellin Ahhhh, Crazy James at his best!! A legend in the making right there!! \m/

    posted 24.07.2011 20:05

  5. Adamautoicon_normal

    MetalEmpress legend in the making \m/

    posted 24.07.2011 21:45