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Posted on July 15, 2011 from Twitterrific

she\'s bored too!!

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she's bored too!!

  1. 267424_200916469960312_100001258808442_620810_7546034_n_normal

    xodayleox24 lol what are you guys doing?

    posted 15.07.2011 02:34

  2. Twitterprofilephoto_normal

    Charmingflames Oh MY Goodness.... Becky is so beautiful.... *blush*

    posted 15.07.2011 03:06

  3. Default_profile_2_normal

    Stormy_1000_ Beautiful Becky! I luv ya girl!

    posted 15.07.2011 03:35

  4. Twitterprofilephoto_normal

    Charmingflames She's just sitting there reading a script... #REBECCAHERBST #GIRLCRUSH

    posted 15.07.2011 03:44

  5. Tw_7393409_1303495622_normal

    lisephoto Aww how adorable is Becky.

    posted 15.07.2011 03:53

  6. Ej_rose_copy_normal

    dellster4liason Doesn't look bored to me. Looks deep in thought & beautiful as ever.

    posted 15.07.2011 15:08

  7. Gabby2_normal

    LiasonFinally I hear ya she's probably saying I'm being thrown under the bus again but hey she's looks beautiful doing it....hang in there Becky there's a new sheriff in town hopefuly he will value Elizabeth Webber's 15 year history and get the skid marks off her back! We're hanging in there with you!

    posted 15.07.2011 15:57